Sunday, October 24, 2010

One Year Baby!

Robbie and I celebrated our one year of marriage yesterday! YAHOO! We decided to make a whole weekend out of it. Here is what went down.

First, let me apologize for the quality of the pictures. We had to use the CAMERAS on our PHONES! I felt like I had to capture ourselves in some way. (Good thing my birthday and Christmas are coming up because I feel like I'm missing out on our good times, not because we don't have good times but because I don't have a camera to prove that we have good times.)

Anyways, on Friday after work, about 3ish, we went out to eat at Kneaders (my favorite). Then we headed up the canyon to Park City to ride the Alpine Slide and Coaster. It ended up being closed for the season. No big deal, we moved right along to the OUTLETS! Robbie doesn't like shopping but he suggested we go. I was very proud of him, he had a good attitude about walking around 20 different stores watching me pick up and put down clothes. He didn't complain once. I think he even enjoyed shopping. It meant a lot to me.

We each made some purchases that we were both really excited about. Robbie bought some cool b-ball shorts plus a shirt and I bought some long sleeve shirts.

After the outlets, we headed to Salt Lake City where we ate at Macaroni Grill. It was delicious and romantic. Then we made our final destination to the Anniversary Inn, where we stayed in the Jungle Safari Room. It was absolutely so cool.

The next day we headed to the Auto Auction of America where we purchased our first car, a Nissan Altima! It was a big purchase, but a great investment for us. GOOD-BYE CROWN VIC! This car will last us hopefully for a long time. The Altima was my first choice out of all the cars we saw at the auction. It is a goldish color which is not my favorite, but I don't mind it. It is a 2005 and is in great condition. I feel confident with our choice and I can't wait until all the paper work and such is done. Hopefully by Monday we will have all the details figured out and the car will be ours.

After the auction we came home and got ready to eat at Magleby's (Thanks Dad!). We invited our friends Will and Grace to come with us. Next the four of us went to the theater to see The Social Network. We got in for free because my friend Dallin works there. The movie was prrrretty dang good. I was a big fan. It kept my attention the entire time. I didn't wonder once when it was going to be over. Then we ended our perfect weekend with Coldstone (or "stone cold" is what Robbie thinks its called).

So that was how we spent our 1st anniversary. It was perfect.

P.S. Here is our one year old wedding cake that we thawed from the freezer. We both ate a few bites, it wasn't too bad. We had to follow the tradition! Especially since it has been taking up so much space in our freezer for so long.