Monday, August 22, 2011

My Summer

Super Nanny-- I don't know what it is about this show. But I love it.

Tia and Tamara

Vampire Diaries

Project Runway (season 8 and 9)

Tim Gunn- Love him

The Help

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Bachelor Pad 2 - I love this show-- probably too much.

Bachlorette - I felt so bad for BEN! But I love JP too.

Thank goodness for television. Robbie comes home in 2 days. TWO. DAYS. Man, I've missed that kid. I plan on spending my time a little wiser once he comes home. Except now I've gotten myself hooked on all these good shows! I am a little ashamed to admit how much TV I have been watching this Summer-- but man, I love my TV shows! They have been there for me this lonely Summer! Along with my family and Grace, of course! haha. I can't wait to have Robbie back. It is going to be the best!