Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Park City

A month ago or so I went up to Park City with my mom. We stayed over one night and just did the things we love most:  shop, eat, pedicure, late night dessert, watch a movie, oh and I guess we did go on a hike. It was the perfect little getaway for me. Thanks mom! Missed you Tara!

5 Bucks

Hey everyone- so if you were wondering, life with no hair school is WONDERFUL. I do a lot of Netflix, cooking, cleaning, sleeping in, eyelash clients, eating and shopping. I love it all, even the cleaning. I could live this life forever. I'm not in any rush to find a job(obviously) but I sent out a few resumes to see if there were any jobs out there. I got one interview and then a follow-up technical interview where I had to do a cut and color (stressful/terrifying). Things seemed hopeful, then I got rejected and it hurt more than I thought it would. But I am 92% recovered and moving forward.

 I'm going to send out some more resumes since there are a zillion salons in Utah County. Maybe I'll get a job, but so much of me doesn't even want to try anymore. That first rejection has made me second guess all my abilities as a stylist and even question my personality. Did they just not like me? I'm pretty normal, right? They didn't even pay attention to me during my 2nd interview. I'm straight out of school, don't they understand I'm slow and a little nervous to be interviewing? They told me that they felt I needed more experience and that they were going in a different direction.
You were hiring for an assistant who just sweeps hair, shampoo's clients, and blows dry people's hair and who you pay $5 dollars an hour. So as you can see my morale is a little low. I'm not in the mood to try again. So, for now I'm going back to my Netflix.

Ok, maybe I'm only 79% recovered.

But today is a new day. I know I have something to offer other salons. I am going to try again. I know this is a necessary process for the field I have chosen. There is something better out there for me. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

{not a} Beauty School Drop Out

 My class had our hair school graduation last night. It was such a good night. Our class is pretty small so they let us plan our own graduation. We decided we wanted to do a BBQ outside at a park. We had tons of great food, great speakers, balloons and streamers, a slide show (that Robbie made), family and friends, and of course a little bit of tears. It is a bittersweet feeling to be done with hair school. Like I've said before I'm thrilled to be done, but terrified for what is next. I'm going to miss my friends so so much. Thanks for all the love and support to help me through this journey. I'm so glad I survived and I'm not a beauty school drop out (I considered it). Now I just have to finish my last 40 hours.

(sorry about the overload posts about hair school, I've got at least one more coming...)

My class and a couple of our educators. (minus Kerisa we missed you)

This girl helped me through it! I'm so glad we did it together. Look out for our Sista Salon in 10 years.

Of course Robbie has been my main support, talking me through the tough days. Thanks babe.

Family all came to celebrate.

Me and my classmate Tim. Friends for life!

Family Visit

Robbie's sister Marcie and her cute family came to Alpine a couple weeks ago. Marcie was here to run a half marathon. We were so lucky to see them and spend time with them. They live in Texas so when they come to Utah we make sure we get to see them as much as possible! We played games, ate out and caught up with each others lives. It was so fun to see them. Her kids are growing up so fast. We love you guys! Thanks for visiting.  

Atticus and Robbie. I love this picture.

Marcie and Me

Charolette and Jamis

The Boys

The Girls

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Count Down

As of today I have 9 days left at Aveda. That is 2,000 hours of the last 18 months of my life has been spent at the Aveda Institute Provo. I can't believe it. I can't believe the end is so close. There have been so many days where I thought it would never be over. The last 300 hours have been the toughest. Longest. Days. Of. My. Life. Seriously. And yet, I don't really feel ready to leave. I know I have learned all I could at Aveda, the education was great. But man, the hair world is so big and scary. There are so many routes I could take and they would all take me different places. I am not sure what I want quite yet out of this career I have chosen. It's almost like starting over again. Like a blank piece of paper. I haven't even applied anywhere yet. But I'm not too concerned about getting a job, I am concerned about jumping into a job that I will hate. I know I love doing hair, but I am scared to get into a real salon with real stylists. What if I'm too slow? What if I don't like the girls I work with? What if I ruin someone's hair? What if I have a question? What if they hate me, or they talk behind my back?

Right now, I am trying to just get through the next 2 weeks of school. Maybe try to enjoy it? Because I know I am going to miss it. BIG TIME. I really have loved being in hair school. It's been the most craziest/hardest/funnest thing I have ever done. The friendships I have formed have made hair school bearable and are what I will miss the most. Out of the 20 students that started with me on April 20, 2011 only 9 of us have stayed through til the end. I would have NEVER met these people except through Aveda. I hope we stay close. But something tells me it will never be the same. Hair school is what bonded us together. I really wish the best for all of them.

Life is going to change soon for us and I can feel it.  It feels good, it feels right. Robbie just started his last semester of school. I've been waiting for this last semester for forever it feels like. I am so anxious to see what is ahead for us. It could be nothing or it could be something big. I'm 50/50. I want change and I'm terrified of change. So either way I'm going to be sad. I'll be sad if we stay, I'll be sad if we go. But I know I'm not alone.

I'm so grateful for this time in our lives. Everyone says it is the best time of our lives. Robbie and I are still able to live with so much freedom. We love it. We can do practically anything we want when we want. We've spent the last almost 3{!} years being poor-married-students and we've survived! It's been quite the journey so far. Lots of ups and downs. I wouldn't take back a thing. Robbie has definitely been my rock. So grateful for this time we've had to learn and grow.

Sorry for the ramble. Thanks for reading and caring.

9 days!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So today might have been the most nerve-wracking day of my life. I am ecstatic to announce that I passed both my written and practical state boards for cosmetology. I was having the nervous stomach aches for at least 2 weeks prior to taking my practical test and I did not sleep a wink last night. Today I took my practical which is basically a timed 4 hour test where you are tested on doing a perm, women's cut, color, men's shave, facial, sculpted nail, thermal curl, men's cut, and client protection. Basically it's scary. Only 6 people can take the test at once and the examiners watch your every move and they check all your work. Man, it's intimidating. But I survived and I passed which is all that matters! YAHOOOO! Now I just got like 250ish hours left until I am done which is roughly 30 days at school.  I'm also considering doing the master esthetic program after I finish cosmetology. I'm having a rough time deciding. The thought of more school kills me right now. But it would be so worth it in the end. We'll see I suppose. 

Lagoon Day

 Last Friday my mom took us to Lagoon. It was such the perfect day to go, mostly overcast weather and we barely had to wait in line for over 5 minutes. We lucked out. It was a great fun day much needed for me. Thanks Mom!
 We decided to go on Rattlesnake Rapids at the very hottest point of the day (seemed like a good idea?). This is a picture of me about to soaked. I have such bad luck when it comes to these rides. How do some people escape without getting drenched?  I was by far the most wet person in our group.  I spent the rest of the day paying for it, walking around with wet underpants and stragley dirty hair. I thought I could outsmart the rapids. Lesson learned.

 I got talked into doing the Sky Coaster. {I'm weak when it comes to peer pressure}. Oh, it's just that ride where they strap you into a harness and lift you 150 ft up into the sky and then they drop you. It was terrifying. But such a rush that I really could have lived without experiencing, but it was definitely worth experiencing it with my sister and brother. Thanks for making me do it guys! I would do it again for sure! Good memory.

Fun day at Lagoon! We are definitely using our bounce back passes.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend in Stadium Circle

I am blogging like crazy these days. It's a weird time in my life where I feel like so much is about to change in our near future. So I guess I am trying to record what our life is like now.

This weekend was a good one for Robbie and I, just simple and fun. Friday I had an early eyelash appointment and Robbie went to work. I had lunch with my dear friend Madi, who I am so happy is back in my life. Then Robbie and I got an early start to our night. When Robbie got home from work we red boxed This Means War and made our way to Costco to get the already-made-pizza-you-just have-to-bake (Robbie's favorite) plus it was on sale for $5.99 which was obviously meant to be so we bought two. Then Robbie bought me a mini cupcake from Cupcake Chic (my favorite). I already had seen This Means War and I knew Robbie would like it because of his man crush on Tom Hardy. Success.
 Saturday, I went to school and Robbie came in to get his hair textured and shaped since he has been trying to grow it out. We played around with some fun new do's for him. I couldn't stop laughing. His hair is still quite a challenge for me. He has Asian hair. It's so hard to cut without it looking poofy. Robbie picked me up a little early from school and we headed up to West Valley for one of Robbie's friend's wedding reception. We hung out in Salt Lake for a little bit and ate at Apollo Burger and Letherby's (starting my diet tomorrow). Then we drove home and watched a little bit of TV and headed to bed.
 This morning I had a class at school for Raccoon Extensions. I was mad it was on Sunday, but I am so stoked to learn this method of extensions. They really are the best kind of extensions in the market. I have an all day training tomorrow too. So far I think I am going to enjoy doing these types of extensions. Oh and I signed up to take my state board tests. Unbelievably nervous. Wish me luck. On the side: I always have the Bachelorette to look forward to and we miss our dear friends Will and Grace, we hope we can visit them soon!
P.S. We are moving once again! Feels like we just got to Stadium Circle. We have really enjoyed living here and the ward has been great! We don't know where our next destination is, but we'll see in the next 3 weeks I guess!

thanks for reading.

Our 4th of July

We had a pretty good 4th of July. We woke up and went to the Provo parade which was pretty festive of us. We both agreed that even though it was blazing hot and we had to sit on the road with no shade or chairs, that we liked going to the parade because that is what people do on the 4th of July.  It makes it an actual holiday instead of just another day off work. We went to the parade with my dad and two little brothers. We didn't make it through the whole parade but I felt we gave it our best shot.

This is like a really good picture of Chase. Everyone should appreciate this picture because Chase NEVER makes a normal face for pictures. I am sure you all have seen what I am talking about, just look at the picture a couple above this one which is actually pretty decent too. He is getting so old! I love having this kid around he always keeps life exciting. My dad purposefully put him in a bright green shirt so we could spot him easily. Just in case.

Oh and we changed our puppy's name from Mya to Mika. At first I was opposed, but I am used to Mika. It actually fits her quite well. She is a fire cracker.  Everyone pray we can get her potty trained!

Amanda and I. We live really close to the BYU football stadium so close we could charge $20 for someone to park in our driveway. Our friends invited us over for a BBQ earlier that night. We ate kabobs that were so delicious. After dinner we came to our house to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks on our roof. We had the most perfect angle that made for an amazing view. We could hear the beach boys and the songs to the fireworks as well. Glad we got to see the fireworks that close at least one time. This is our last month living at this house.

Happy 4th

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Robbie and I went bowling with Kenny, Jess and Jordan

My good friend Brandie and I up at Bridal Veil Falls relaxing during school. Hair school ain't too bad all the time.

I made this trifle for Father's Day.

Father's Day

Father's day after puppy. Our sweet Millie passed away a week before Father's day. It was so awful and sad for all of us. My dad and Millie were best friends. We thought it might be too soon to get a new puppy for Father's day but we couldn't resist! Her name is Mya and she is a malti-poo. We all miss Millie and nothing can replace her special spot in our family, but Mya has helped us all move on. I really love this pup so much already. Puppies just speak to my soul. I want a puppy of my own! (hint hint Robbie)

Robbie loves her too! He even lets her sleep next to his face.
Tara and I made dinner for Father's day.

My dad got free tickets to ride the Sundance ski lift on Friday. My dad, Chase, Caden and I got to go. It was so beautiful and relaxing. Chase wasn't too sure of the ski lift at first, but once we got him on he loved it. It was fun to spend quality time together in such a pretty place. I can't believe I have never been up there after 22 years of living 15 minutes away.

Such handsome men!

My six best friends from high school back together again.

Welcome back Madi! I am so glad you are home!

Bowling with Chase and Caden.

I hate when my camera does this, especially on our last picture with Will and Grace before they moved to Vegas. We miss you guys so much!!

Robbie plays a lot of volleyball these days. Him and RJ were so close to winning it all on Memorial day.

So there is my life lately according to my camera. Life is going pretty good. This is a picture of my friend Tim and I practicing for our state boards. That is the next big step for me, passing my state boards so I can graduate from hair school. I just finished my second to last phase at school so next week I am officially almost done. I will be starting the Pure Talent Phase where we basically plug through til we're all done. I will be done in hopefully 10 weeks! We'll see if I survive. Robbie is working a lot doing research for a professor and working at the tool crib. Both jobs are pretty boring for him. I hope that come December Robbie will find something he enjoys and then we can start the next big chapter of our lives!