Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Count Down

As of today I have 9 days left at Aveda. That is 2,000 hours of the last 18 months of my life has been spent at the Aveda Institute Provo. I can't believe it. I can't believe the end is so close. There have been so many days where I thought it would never be over. The last 300 hours have been the toughest. Longest. Days. Of. My. Life. Seriously. And yet, I don't really feel ready to leave. I know I have learned all I could at Aveda, the education was great. But man, the hair world is so big and scary. There are so many routes I could take and they would all take me different places. I am not sure what I want quite yet out of this career I have chosen. It's almost like starting over again. Like a blank piece of paper. I haven't even applied anywhere yet. But I'm not too concerned about getting a job, I am concerned about jumping into a job that I will hate. I know I love doing hair, but I am scared to get into a real salon with real stylists. What if I'm too slow? What if I don't like the girls I work with? What if I ruin someone's hair? What if I have a question? What if they hate me, or they talk behind my back?

Right now, I am trying to just get through the next 2 weeks of school. Maybe try to enjoy it? Because I know I am going to miss it. BIG TIME. I really have loved being in hair school. It's been the most craziest/hardest/funnest thing I have ever done. The friendships I have formed have made hair school bearable and are what I will miss the most. Out of the 20 students that started with me on April 20, 2011 only 9 of us have stayed through til the end. I would have NEVER met these people except through Aveda. I hope we stay close. But something tells me it will never be the same. Hair school is what bonded us together. I really wish the best for all of them.

Life is going to change soon for us and I can feel it.  It feels good, it feels right. Robbie just started his last semester of school. I've been waiting for this last semester for forever it feels like. I am so anxious to see what is ahead for us. It could be nothing or it could be something big. I'm 50/50. I want change and I'm terrified of change. So either way I'm going to be sad. I'll be sad if we stay, I'll be sad if we go. But I know I'm not alone.

I'm so grateful for this time in our lives. Everyone says it is the best time of our lives. Robbie and I are still able to live with so much freedom. We love it. We can do practically anything we want when we want. We've spent the last almost 3{!} years being poor-married-students and we've survived! It's been quite the journey so far. Lots of ups and downs. I wouldn't take back a thing. Robbie has definitely been my rock. So grateful for this time we've had to learn and grow.

Sorry for the ramble. Thanks for reading and caring.

9 days!