Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Happenings of 2013

2013 was a year for the books! It was the year of many highs and lows. In twenty years when I look back at 2013 I think I'll say, "I survived that move to Kansas". Hopefully in twenty years we won't still be here. I just can't believe I did it. It might seem like such a small conquer to you. But moving away nearly killed me. The actual move driving 1,000 miles was the easy part. Even pulling up to our apartment I was so thrilled to be at our final destination. Then it hit me like a brick wall when we started bringing boxes into our apartment. We had to live here. This was it. No one knew us, no one cared that we were there, no one would care if we left, I just couldn't wrap my mind around it. And I still can't. I don't understand how people can so easily get up and move their life to a different state or country. Well I'll get off that soap box... I meant for this blog to be about what happened in 2013. So here's the list: 

We humbled ourselves and moved into my Grandparents basement after we got kicked out of our apartment
Lived with my grandparents, I'll never forget the wonderful quality time we spent with them
Grandma taught me to quilt
I financially supported Robbie and I for 6 months with my eyelash business
My business grew to be around 50 clients...I'm pretty proud of that
I completed the first half of INSANITY for 30 days
I survived my husband being unemployed (which he loved) for 6 months
Robbie and I went to Disneyland for the first time together
We visited Vegas and St. George a handful of times
We packed up all our belongings and made the trek to Lawrence, Kansas
I made a new best friend
We made a trip to Des Moines Iowa to visit friends
My best friend Madi came out and visited for a week
I started a new eyelash business
I got licensed in Kansas as a cosmetologist
I started a new job at a dental office
I traveled to Carlsbad, CA on a week trip with my mom and sister
I started working in Primary
I taught my first sharing time and helped put together my first primary program
I made my first Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people
Yorks came out and visited us for the best week ever
Either watched or went to every KU football game
I became addicted to many new TV shows including: The Mindy Project, The Good Wife, E! news, Ellen DeGeneres, Housewives of OC, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Call the Midwife, Betrayal, Orange is the New Black, Sex and the City and more
I gained a good 15 lbs--that I'm not proud of, but thought I should document it?

Most of all I'm proud that I'm here in Lawrence, Kansas and that I've made a life for myself. I have friends, I have two jobs, we go to church, we have favorite restaurants, I have a gym membership,  we live here and are happy here. It took a while for me to feel normal, but in that time it taught me about myself and about Robbie and also strengthened my testimony of God and Jesus Christ. I couldn't have done it without the knowledge of my Heavenly Father who gave me comfort, hope, and perspective when I thought I was going to die.

 I did it.