Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Day

I had my first day at Aveda. 9-7. And boy it felt like 9-7. It was such a long day. It was hard to for me to be in the same seat for hours at a time. I am so used to standing up all day long. Today was boring and awkward. Lots of papers, power points, and getting to know you questions. I have not given up hope yet. I am still really excited about hair school and I know that all this boring stuff is necessary. I can't wait until we really start doing what we are learning. I have another full day ahead of me tomorrow. I hope it's better.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hair School

I am doing it! I officially start hair school this week! IT'S GONNA BE CRAZY! I am so nervous but so excited.

I have been anxiously anticipating this change for a few months now. I really feel like this was the right choice for me. My schedule is going to be pretty packed. If all works to my plan I will work at the dental clinic on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8-5, go to hair school on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays from 9-7, and do eyelashes on Fridays. IT'S GONNA BE CRAZY. I can't wait.

I am so excited to start school and learn everything there is about hair, skin care, nails, and make-up. I feel like this is something I have dreamed about doing my whole life. But never really considered it until now. I am so happy that I am finally doing it. I think I am really going to love it. I am a little nervous about the atmosphere, working with all girls especially girls that go to hair school they seem a little scary and intimidating. If I just make one friend I think I can survive.

I am nervous about my schedule as well. I hope I still have time to get things done at home like groceries, laundry, and cleaning...and spend time with Robbie;) If I can just get through these next 14 months. Life will be good.

Robbie and I are planning a huge trip once we both get done with school. Our hopes are high. We (I) really want to go to Hawaii.

Well. Wish me luck!