Friday, October 28, 2011

The Latest: Three Blogs Squashed into One

Robbie turned 25 back in September. We celebrated a couple times by going out to eat at Winger's with our friends and since his actual birthday was on a Sunday we had a big dinner at my mom's house where we celebrated his birthday and my brother Carson's 19th birthday. It was fun and low key just food, dessert and games. Robbie's big present was new basketball shoes that he got for himself. I gave him a tennis raquet and tennis balls. My motive behind this gift was that we could finally have an activity we could do together since Robbie loves sports and I used to play tennis, but we have yet to actually play together. Someday.

Poor Willie was in pain since he had just had lasik done a few days before.

It was Carson's 19th birthday = he got all mission stuff.

Grandpa D made his famous Ribs. They were delicious as always. Thanks Grandpa!

Birthday boys

Robbie's handsome smile has been struggling as of lately. We are working on it.

Proud to say I made their birthday cake and it was a big hit!

It was a fun birthday party! Thank you everyone for coming!!

I had to do a big project in school where I designed my own futre salon. I had so much fun and lots of help from my close friend Kayley and my sister-in-law Mindy! Thanks to them, mine turned out to be the best project EVER! Seriously. Kayley helped me form all my ideas and helped me make a floor plan and pick out all the decorations. And Mindy made me the cutest Salon menu and business card! They practically did my project for me! Thank you guys so much!!! I owe you both big time. Here are a couple pictures:

Robbie and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary last week! First of all I can't believe it has been that long. It is weird how fast time goes by. I am so lucky to have a husband that planned a little get-a-way for us up in Park City. We happened to stay at the Stein Erikson Lodge, you might have heard of it. It's a pretty big deal. It is probably the nicest hotel we will ever stay in. Robbie and I were not expecting such pampering. It was amazing and a perfect mini vacation. I would love to make it a tradition for us to go up to Park City for our anniversary. I doubt we will be able to stay here everytime, but I made a list of things to remember when in Park City.

*Bring small bills to tip. We had no cash except $20's to tip the valet, bell hop, and shuttle driver. {**Note to self- don't let husband ask front receptionist if we are suppose to tip, it was humiliating**} love ya Robbie! We did end up getting some cash and tipping later that night. But still!!! We are such "newbs"(as Robbie would say) at being adults in a 5 star hotel!

*Clean out car, including the following: half eaten chips and salsa container, gallon of almost empty chocolate milk, dirty socks, and other embarrassing trash (I was mortified when the valet asked me if he could clear out any trash for us when he returned our car).

*Take full advantage of the Stein Erikson's spa. It was breathtakingly beautiful and there are lots of services you can do that don't cost a penny. Their locker rooms had a sauna and a steam room with a hot tub and cold dip. We could've relax in there for hours, but unfortunately we didn't even have time to try it. Next time!

*Always eat at Bandits on Main Street. It was amazing to say the least. But next time get nacho appetizer and then split one meal. Robbie and I literally ate 1/4 of our meals because we got so full on the nachos.

*Never buy anything on Main Street. Even in their cute boutique's everything is crazy expensive.

*Java Cow on Main Street has superb crepes, but their ice cream is not-so-great and a waste of money.

* Always shop at the outlets! So fun!

Here are some pictures:

Our view from our balcony.

Our very own hot tub! Robbie was in Heaven.

Robbie really did have fun even though he looks half asleep in all our pictures.

View from outside.

The leaves were unbelieveable everything was yellow.

Java Cow

The outlets. This is the shirt I wanted Robbie to buy at Gap.

And this was the shirt Robbie wanted to buy at the Gap.

We didn't end up getting either of them. We were trying to look for a cool coat for Robbie. He had particular idea in mind, and we just couldn't find it. So Robbie didn't get anything. But of course, I found a few things for myself, just a cheap dress for school and some sweet new work out shoes! Thanks Robbie!

Happy 2nd Anniversary!