Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas at the Davies

We got to spend Christmas morning with my family this year. My little brothers still get so excited to wake up, so it is always fun for us to be with my family on Christmas morning. We woke up at 6:30am this year. We opened presents one at a time (not including Chase). My mom made yummy crepes for breakfast. Later that day my dad made a delicious Christmas dinner. Afterwards, we were able to talk to my brother Tyler who is serving in Boston. It seriously was the best Christmas ever. Everything worked out perfectly.

One of my most favorite pictures ever:

My dad and I were able to sneek ourselves into the David Archuleta concert. It was incredible.
(December 17th)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas at the Matthews

Since we live so close to both of mine and Robbie's families, we try to split evenly the time we spend with both families over the Holidays. I think this year worked out pretty good. This year we spent Christmas Eve with Robbie's family. First, we had a delicious Christmas dinner. After dinner, we had a short program where each of us picked a character from the nativity and researched that character. Then we shared with everyone what we had learned about that character from reading the sciptures, talks, and other sources. It was really neat.

Bill and Jamie are the cutest! And the best in-laws anyone could ask for!

We got to open one present on Christmas Eve. It was a group gift for everyone the game BANG!
Robbie and I will grandma Claire.

Robbie and I with grandpa.

We gave white elephant gifts. Robbie and I got monkeys and a box full of candy bars!

The kids playing BANG! together.

Will and Grace gave us the game Pickle. It is a really fun game. Thanks Will and Grace!

Christmas day around 1:00pm

Such a good Christmas!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

hey guys,
I've been on this diet. I have been very strict with myself (so hard). i am dying right now, all i want is some form of chocolate.

I am going through another career soul searching phase. I am only taking 1 class this semester at UVU. Career Exploration. I really hope this helps give me some direction. I have one specific career choice in mind. But it would change everything in my life completely. And that really scares me.

I am going to learn how to do eyelash extensions tomorrow. My amazing friend Alyssa is going to teach and certify me. I need to practice on a 6-8 people so let me know if you want some lashes!

Robbie and I did something really cool:

Robbie and I went indoor skydiving for New Year's Eve! It was awesome. I was scared at first but after I saw the 5 year olds doing it, I had to do it. The only bummer is that the place is up in Ogden.

Robbie and I are doing pretty good. Just truggin along through our simple yet crazy life.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Isn't this the cutest of Robbie and Chase? I wish I could delete myself out of this picture because this picture pretty much defines their funny relationship. Chase is always trying to tease Robbie or get away with something and Robbie trys to be stern and help Chase learn the rules, but Robbie can't help but laugh sometimes. Looks like Chase gotcha this time Robbie.