Sunday, June 24, 2012


Robbie and I went bowling with Kenny, Jess and Jordan

My good friend Brandie and I up at Bridal Veil Falls relaxing during school. Hair school ain't too bad all the time.

I made this trifle for Father's Day.

Father's Day

Father's day after puppy. Our sweet Millie passed away a week before Father's day. It was so awful and sad for all of us. My dad and Millie were best friends. We thought it might be too soon to get a new puppy for Father's day but we couldn't resist! Her name is Mya and she is a malti-poo. We all miss Millie and nothing can replace her special spot in our family, but Mya has helped us all move on. I really love this pup so much already. Puppies just speak to my soul. I want a puppy of my own! (hint hint Robbie)

Robbie loves her too! He even lets her sleep next to his face.
Tara and I made dinner for Father's day.

My dad got free tickets to ride the Sundance ski lift on Friday. My dad, Chase, Caden and I got to go. It was so beautiful and relaxing. Chase wasn't too sure of the ski lift at first, but once we got him on he loved it. It was fun to spend quality time together in such a pretty place. I can't believe I have never been up there after 22 years of living 15 minutes away.

Such handsome men!

My six best friends from high school back together again.

Welcome back Madi! I am so glad you are home!

Bowling with Chase and Caden.

I hate when my camera does this, especially on our last picture with Will and Grace before they moved to Vegas. We miss you guys so much!!

Robbie plays a lot of volleyball these days. Him and RJ were so close to winning it all on Memorial day.

So there is my life lately according to my camera. Life is going pretty good. This is a picture of my friend Tim and I practicing for our state boards. That is the next big step for me, passing my state boards so I can graduate from hair school. I just finished my second to last phase at school so next week I am officially almost done. I will be starting the Pure Talent Phase where we basically plug through til we're all done. I will be done in hopefully 10 weeks! We'll see if I survive. Robbie is working a lot doing research for a professor and working at the tool crib. Both jobs are pretty boring for him. I hope that come December Robbie will find something he enjoys and then we can start the next big chapter of our lives!