Sunday, September 9, 2012

{not a} Beauty School Drop Out

 My class had our hair school graduation last night. It was such a good night. Our class is pretty small so they let us plan our own graduation. We decided we wanted to do a BBQ outside at a park. We had tons of great food, great speakers, balloons and streamers, a slide show (that Robbie made), family and friends, and of course a little bit of tears. It is a bittersweet feeling to be done with hair school. Like I've said before I'm thrilled to be done, but terrified for what is next. I'm going to miss my friends so so much. Thanks for all the love and support to help me through this journey. I'm so glad I survived and I'm not a beauty school drop out (I considered it). Now I just have to finish my last 40 hours.

(sorry about the overload posts about hair school, I've got at least one more coming...)

My class and a couple of our educators. (minus Kerisa we missed you)

This girl helped me through it! I'm so glad we did it together. Look out for our Sista Salon in 10 years.

Of course Robbie has been my main support, talking me through the tough days. Thanks babe.

Family all came to celebrate.

Me and my classmate Tim. Friends for life!

Family Visit

Robbie's sister Marcie and her cute family came to Alpine a couple weeks ago. Marcie was here to run a half marathon. We were so lucky to see them and spend time with them. They live in Texas so when they come to Utah we make sure we get to see them as much as possible! We played games, ate out and caught up with each others lives. It was so fun to see them. Her kids are growing up so fast. We love you guys! Thanks for visiting.  

Atticus and Robbie. I love this picture.

Marcie and Me

Charolette and Jamis

The Boys

The Girls