Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Park City

A month ago or so I went up to Park City with my mom. We stayed over one night and just did the things we love most:  shop, eat, pedicure, late night dessert, watch a movie, oh and I guess we did go on a hike. It was the perfect little getaway for me. Thanks mom! Missed you Tara!

5 Bucks

Hey everyone- so if you were wondering, life with no hair school is WONDERFUL. I do a lot of Netflix, cooking, cleaning, sleeping in, eyelash clients, eating and shopping. I love it all, even the cleaning. I could live this life forever. I'm not in any rush to find a job(obviously) but I sent out a few resumes to see if there were any jobs out there. I got one interview and then a follow-up technical interview where I had to do a cut and color (stressful/terrifying). Things seemed hopeful, then I got rejected and it hurt more than I thought it would. But I am 92% recovered and moving forward.

 I'm going to send out some more resumes since there are a zillion salons in Utah County. Maybe I'll get a job, but so much of me doesn't even want to try anymore. That first rejection has made me second guess all my abilities as a stylist and even question my personality. Did they just not like me? I'm pretty normal, right? They didn't even pay attention to me during my 2nd interview. I'm straight out of school, don't they understand I'm slow and a little nervous to be interviewing? They told me that they felt I needed more experience and that they were going in a different direction.
You were hiring for an assistant who just sweeps hair, shampoo's clients, and blows dry people's hair and who you pay $5 dollars an hour. So as you can see my morale is a little low. I'm not in the mood to try again. So, for now I'm going back to my Netflix.

Ok, maybe I'm only 79% recovered.

But today is a new day. I know I have something to offer other salons. I am going to try again. I know this is a necessary process for the field I have chosen. There is something better out there for me.