Friday, April 23, 2010








I love today

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Charity: the Pure Love of Christ

This is Robbie writing. This last saturday my pops wanted my brothers and I to come help and pour some cement with him. We got their at the crack of dawn, 10 a.m., and began our work. I was tired but I was thinking to myself, this some great service Robbie, you are a great person, keep going. We finished the first slab pretty well, hardest part at that point was keeping my dad's pig, "spanky" out of the cement and stuff. We were going through the second part when Timmy, my younger brother, woke up and came out to help (it was around noon and he was complaining to us because nobody had woken him up to come and work...). We were struggling with the second slab making it even and level. Pops was finishing up the first slab so it was just Willie (older brother), Timmy, and myself, three fairly inexperienced rookies. I saw were weren't getting anywhere so I knelt in the cement in the middle so I could get so more leverage. My jeans had holes in them, so it kind of hurt when I was working in it. I was in it for an hour or two, untill we finished the slab. My knees were burning, so I told my dad and he said go wash off and bring us back some water. I did, but the cement was caked on and I was bleeding in the knees and calves. I put on some shorts and went back out but it hurt a ton to bend my knees. I thought nothing of it and it was just like a bad rug burn. Went and worked finishing up things for an hour or two, and then called it quits. I got in the shower, but it wasn't coming off, it hurt too much to scrub and the water wasn't doing much but making it sting. Then I watched some T.V., Kelli came over and we went to IKEA, which I could see myself being a fan of someday. My legs didn't hurt too much but when I sat still the would be like stinging like acid was on them. My parents were really worried, came back to Alpine and tried to soak the legs in the hot tub and scrub them, not much of a change. Then my Dad looked up on the internet how vinegar will neutralize the lime in the cement that was causing my skin to burn. So they sat me down, soaked a sponge in vinegar and put it all over my knee for a couple

of minutes. Worst pain I've ever felt in my life. It didn't do much but cause my blood and skin to change colors. So we went to the ER at eleven. They gave me some type of morphine and started picking and scrubbing at it for 2-3 hours. That hurt too. They bandaged me up and then on monday I went to the burn clinic. I'm gonna be ok, but it'll hurt for awhile they say. Well, that's it, just want to get this one on record. Just a little sacrifice I guess for my pops. Just mark this one on my charity record, thanks.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift.

I am a fan of hers.

But geez, her songs are way over played!

And I don't like her hair.

The Proposal

Last July Robbie went to the Hill Cumorah Pageant with his family. The Pageant is just over 2 weeks.... Luckily, I could look forward to joining him and his family in Palmyra to see the Hill Cumorah Pageant for the first time. I had absolutely no idea Robbie was even thinking about proposing, we hadn't even gone ring shopping. I was completely surprised. I just was focused on was getting through the 2 weeks of being in Utah while he was gone. I have never been so excited to see someone in my entire life.

Finally Friday came and I flew in to NY where Robbie and his Dad met me at the airport. Friday and Saturday I was able to watch the Pageant. It was incredible. I highly recommend anyone to go see it!

Sunday came and the Pageant was over. Robbie took me to all the Church History sites like Joseph Smith's house, where the Book of Mormon was first printed, the Sacred Grove, the Palmyra Temple etc.

When we returned back to our campsite, Robbie said he wanted to take me up to the top of the Hill Cumorah. I noticed he packed a mysterious back pack, but didn't think too much of it. We walked up there and watched the sunset. Randomly there was a cello player and about 20 young men from the cast singing hymns. Don't be mistaken, it was just a coincidence. After the sunset Robbie and I took a walk and star gazed. It was nice to have some alone time. It was starting to get late and COLD, so I told Robbie I was ready to go back. I thought we were headed back to the trailer, then Robbie started up another trail. I was not amused. I instantly started complaining.

"Robbie my feet are cold, It's dark,I can't see anything, lets go back, seriously my feet are cold!"

After a few more minutes of him pulling me along Robbie stopped turned and faced me placing his hands on my shoulders.

I knew right then that he was going to propose.

"Kelli...."(He got down on one knee)
I wish I could remember exactly everything he did say.

But I do remember him saying something to the effect:
"Kelli, I love you and I want to love and cherish you forever."

I couldn't stop giggling and laughing, not exactly what I imagined my initial reaction would be.


Many hugs
more kisses.


Minor details:

- He dropped the ring when he took it out of the box during his proposal. It was dark and we were in the middle of a forest on a hill. So after I said yes, we had to use the light of our cell phones to find it.

-He debated on whether or not to propose to me on the Hill Cumorah or Niagra Falls.

- The ring he proposed with was a ring that his mom gave him from Thailand. I loved it, and my real ring now looks similar to what it looked like.

Where we watched the sunset and listened to the boys sing hymns.
Just moments after he proposed. Not the best picture, sorry Robbie I had to put it up!
At the Palmyra Temple.The Sacred Grove

The Next day at Niagra Falls with Robbie's family.

Happily Ever After.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


So lately I have been going a little crazy with our home decor. Decorating has never been something that has particularly caught my interest. I have become an addict. When Robbie and I moved into our apartment in South Provo back in the first of November we probably lived a whole month without any furniture. Then finally we moved in my old bed set and a couple of free couches Robbie got for us, and then Robbie's parents gave us an old entertainment center that they were going to take to D.I. I was so busy adjusting to married life that all I did was fill a couple of pictures here and there and that is where the decorating stopped.

I can link my addiction directly back to last month when our home teacher came over. Our home teacher is a really friendly guy and probably did not mean to offend me by commenting, with a chuckle, how "empty and bare" our apartment was compared to the couple that lived there before us. That is where the flame was lit. AND I CANNOT STOP. I am an addict. I really never realized how addicting it was until I had a little taste of TARGET decor department and TAI PAN. I LOVE IT. I LOVE TARGET. I LOVE TAI PAN. I LOVE IT ALL. I saved most of our gift cards from our wedding, so I am proud to say that the renovation of our apartment cost us very little. But the problem will begin once we run out of our target gift cards. Which I think will be very soon at the rate I am going. But now much I now love our apartment is priceless.

There are still a few things that I would like to add. But for now, I am very satisfied at how our apartment looks. I added new couch pillows, painted some furniture, bought a wall hanging online, put up 3 sets of curtains, released our zebra couch, bought ottomans/coffee tables and added some magnificent little details on our entertainment center. Decorating our apartment has really made such a big difference to me, and I know Robbie loves it TOO! Our apartment (cheesy I know) finally feels like our little home.

I only have pictures of what our apartment used to look like. My camera broke last week. So hopefully soon I will either get it fixed so that I can post some pictures of how it looks now or you can just come over and see what it looks like!

To update you with everything else going on in our lives, Robbie and I are counting down until this semester is over. We are both working and going to school. Robbie works at BYU's "tool crib" he likes his job, but at times he says it gets pretty boring. This semester has been a hard one for Robbie, but he is determined to not be beaten! He is taking accounting, calculus, statistics, information systems and Pearl of Great Price. He studies hard and does really well in school along with working 20 hours a week.
Now that I have a job as a dental assistant, we get a pretty early start on our days. I work at College Dental and go to school at UVU. I am only taking two classes right now which are humanities and biology. Biology is a real killer (crossing my fingers I pass the class). In our ward we are nursery teachers, we actually like it a lot. That is basically our lives right now!