Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my very expensive wish list

I am definitely the spender in the relationship. I am constantly thinking about my next purchase. Lately it's been bad. I want to try really hard for the next little bit to be frugal and smart with money. I admire people who have such control over their spending habits. Usually I spend money on small things like inexpensive clothes or going out to eat. But I often fantasize about big purchases. I think dealing with money is going to be one of my continuous life battles. So for now, you get to see my very expensive wish list.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meet Madison

This is my dearest Madi.
I love her so so much.
Eighth grade tennis is what brought us together.
We have been close ever since.
She is my "go to" girl.
And she is the best listener.
We will be friends forever.
She is going on a mission to Kennewick, Washington on December 8th.
I am so happy for her.
I am so grateful for her friendship.
I will miss this girl.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Kelli's Saga

I have been thinking lately about how much I love the stage of life I am in. People would still consider Robbie and I newlyweds, but I feel like now that it has almost been a year I have a better idea of who I am as Kelli Matthews. I have problems and I have worries but nothing too major. It is so nice to only worry about myself and Robbie. We can do whatever we want whenever we want. We are poor college students but we have sufficient funds for our lifestyle. Our biggest challenges are each other, but even then nothing too major(most of the time).

I love the season right now. I love fall fashion. I love bringing out my boots and long jackets. I love the leaves changing. It makes me want to do something drastic to my hair, like cut or color it or both. I love that fall means celebrating Robbie's birthday, our anniversary, and my birthday.

I like that school as started, because it means we are moving further into our future. I don't want to move too fast though. I am liking our apartment and our ward more and more. We haven't made too many friends since the move, but I anticipate we will sometime soon.

Right now I am listening to Sara Bareilles' CD called Kaleidoscope Heart and I like it a lot. It only cost $11 bucks!

I have been obsessed with cooking lately. This last week I cooked 3 meals! Here are my overall results:

Creamy Taco Casserole score: 8/10 --surprisingly delicioius, appearance is odd, and very filling.

Angel Hair Pasta Salad score: 5/10 --amazing flavors, just a lot of work.

Chicken Tetrazzini score: 9/10 --easy to prepare, it's a little different but most people would like it.

I've been debating a lot with myself these last couple of days. I don't really know what I want to do when it comes to school. Right now I am working full time at the dental clinic and taking a whopping one online class and one night class. pretty easy. I feel like maybe I should go back to school full time and get my prerequisites done for dental hygiene and then go straight to dental hygiene. Sounds simple right? Well I have some issues...

first: Do I really want to do dental hygiene?

I think I do. It might be a little boring, but I think I would enjoy it for the most part.

second: Robbie and I would be desperately poor college students if I quit my job.

I'm not sure the people at my job would like it if I asked to be part time. And I kinda think I would go crazy if I tried to do full time school and part time job at the dental clinic. Too much on my plate. I would like to just focus on school. But I don't want to be desperately poor.

third: Robbie will be done at BYU in 2 years. It would take me approximately realistically 4 years to complete everything for dental hygiene.

Doesn't really match up. Plus what if I want to have a child? I don't want to wait over 4 years.

My alternative-

Continue to work full time for College Dental as a dental assistant while sadly and slowing taking night classes or quit school? And probably never earn a college degree? Not going to lie, it sounds somewhat tempting, considering it would be an easy life.

But I am so young. 20 years old. People. I want to do something more. Maybe I won't do dental hygiene. Maybe I will do something else, like hair school. haha. I really don't know. oh boy.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Robbie

Hey everyone!

It was Robbie's 24th birthday on Saturday, September 11th, the same day as my younger brother Carson who turned 18.

We started out the day by going to his first intramural Volleyball game at BYU. His team took the victory, good job boys!

Then he opened my presents. I gave him a new game called 10 Days in Africa, a new black hat, a pair of jeans and a new shirt.

Later that night we went out to eat with Will, Grace, and Robbie's other brother Timmy and his friend Daniel. We ate at Chili's and had a really bad waitress. After Chili's we went to Miracle Bowl and ended the night with two games of bowling. Robbie won the first game! He is such a good bowler!

I love you Robbie, you are my best friend and I hope you had a really good 24th BDAY!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Temps and Tans

let me warn ya. this is a long post.

You guys! My day has been a bad one.

So as a dental assistant one of my duties is to make temporary crowns or "temps". It can actually be pretty fun. Most assistants like and look forward to making temps. Except me. I have the worst luck with temps. My temps always end up in disaster. I avoid making them at all costs. Today it could not be avoided.

I won't go into detail about the actual process, it would bore you who don't know what I am talking about and it's hard to describe. Basically as an assistant I need to be quick, efficient, and thorough when making a temp. It is not hard to make a good temp quickly. My temps always break, crack, or are too high, and/or they don't fit right. Making a temp is something the dental assistant is expected to do without help of anyone else, especially the dentist. But I always am asking for help. It's the worst and embarrassing for me.

As you can tell, I've had bad luck with them in the past and today proved to be no different. The patient I was working on was in an a hurry (you can see how this would add stress) and she was not the nicest most understanding patient either. I attempted twice to make a good temp. Both failed. Finally I grabbed another assistant to come do it for me. My doctor saw that I did this, he knows I don't like making temps.

Next thing I know, after my patient left, the front desk lady (who was my dental assisting teacher) very nicely (surprisingly) asks me if I need to review how to make temporaries. It was apparent the doctor had complained about my incompetency.

So I talked with her and told her that I know all the tricks to making a good temporary, and that I think I have just had a stream of bad luck. Every mouth is different so making every temp is different. She understood completely.

A few minutes later...

my doctor comes up to me as I am cleaning my room, he wants to talk to me about my temporaries. So we talked and he asked me what I thought I was doing wrong. He gave me some good pointers and things I can improve on. He was nice about it.

Ruined my day (not the doctor). Just the whole situation. I'm mad at myself for my lack of confidence and skill. The thing is, I've been a dental assistant for 7 months now, I know what it takes to make a good temp. I've done it several times before. Just lately I've struggled.

And isn't it the worst to listen to someone critique you? I hate that feeling.

So I kinda want to go tanning tonight to make up for my bad day. Tanning makes everything better.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Can't Sleep

Tonight I felt all the pressure in my mind unload at once. It's crazy that one tiny comment can make everything I had built up inside come out in tears, sobs actually.

Mother Nature is really taking her turn on me as well. Which is not helping me stay sane. Hormones are my enemy. I wish I could blame everything on being a woman and menstrual cycles. I wish that justified everything being so dramatic. I am a pretty dramatic person at times. I really need to learn how to control my emotions. But at the same time I don't want to hide feelings that I am passionate about.

Sometimes I don't make sense. In fact, majority of the time when I am upset I don't make sense. I have such a hard time explaining myself, my feelings, and thoughts.

No need for anyone to worry. I am doing fine. I live a happy enjoyable life. with lots of blessings to be grateful for. Sometimes I just have so many emotions. And I don't know how to express myself. I'm sure you all understand.


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