Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Robbie and I spent our honeymoon in the BAHAMAS! Wish we could go back. Robbie's sister, Mindy, requested we blog about our honeymoon. So I thought we could put up some pictures. Here are some of our honeymoon pictures, in not any particular order. Hope you enjoy!

This is at the Atlantis hotel it was beautiful, we couldn't do much but walk around, but it was fun to get off the ship and see this 5 star resort.
This how sad we were to leave our vacation.

This was our ship.
The girl in the background is there to distract you from my not-so-toned/suntanned body.

Us getting ready to go to the broadway showtunes night.

Going to the private island.

At the Atlantis hotel.

After we almost won our free bingo card.

Us at the aquarium in the Atlantis hotel, super cool. We tried to get a cool picture of big fish behind us, but it didn't work.

On the beach.

Robbie getting ready to snorkle on the private island!

Everyone was getting pictures here, so I thought we should too.

Robbie and the ship.

Our favorite spot on the ship was the very front, their was even a secret hot tub.


I forced Robbie to dance with me. I tried to catch a picture of him dancing and this was the best one I got. (my camera was a little slow)

Tooth Ache?

Today I got a job. Completely unexpected, but completely fantastic.

I am now officially a paid dental assistant.

In January I started a 12 week program at The College of Dental Hygiene to become a dental assistant. I mostly became interested in dental assisting because they can make up to $17+ dollars an hour. I certainly don't start out at that much, but maybe someday. I am really excited, but really nervous. It's a huge learning curve. Being trained as a dental assistant was definietly harder than I expected. But it has been a long time coming. And I am excited to actually make more than a lousy $7.50 an hour! I think I might be a little too excited. I am sure it will wear off as I continuously stick my fingers inside other people's mouths. But as for now, I love it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So this last weekend Robbie and I went to Mesquite with Willie, Robbie's older brother, and his fiance Grace. It was the perfect break we needed from school, work and cold weather. We stayed at Grace's parent's house in a brand new and beautiful home. We had so much fun, like we always do with Willie and Grace! We had a bit of trouble getting into the house once we arrived at midnight or so (Grace's parents haven't moved in yet). Turns out Grace's sister accidently gave us the wrong key and we didn't know the garage code. But thankfully the "house watcher" let us in.

After the crazy late night, we woke up and made french toast and then we relaxed flipping through channels and such. Later we went geo caching (Willie's hobby that we all like to do). After geo caching we visited a couple Casino's and watched old folks spend their entire retirement savings. I was seriously so surprised at how many old people there are out on a Saturday night in the casinos. Next, we binged at one of the casino's buffets, then we went to the local theater and saw Pearcy Jackson and the Lightening Thief.

On Sunday, we woke up late and didn't make it to the 11 o'clock church so we thought no problem we will go to the 12 o'clock church. It just so happened the 12 o'clock ward was the Spanish ward. It was pretty cool. I could understand one in every 50 words thanks to my 8th grade spanish class. But the church is the same any where you go right? It was a good experience. We also played games with Grace's friends Chayse and Charolette after they fed us a delicious meal.

It was a much needed fun vacation! Thanks Will and Grace!

Here are some pictures of the trip:

On our way down.
We stopped in Beaver to eat

Geo Caching Will and Grace are so cute! Me "looking" for the geo cach. Robbie is a very valiant geo cacher. Robbie found it under this rock.

Another geo caching spot. Grace found this one, it was underneath that yellow piece of machinery. At the buffet.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Grumpy Pants

G. P.'s

So lately I have had a bad case of the G.P.'s. I am so grumpy all the time. Okay, I am not grumpy all the time, but it seems like whenever I am suppose to be having fun or relaxed I find some ridiculous reason to be mad or upset. WHY? I keep trying to think of what is triggering all these unnecessary feelings but I can't pin point it exactly.

Bad case of PMS? Maybe...but I don't think so
Pregnant? Definitely not... took a test to prove it.
Robbie? I don't think so. He has been really good and patient, even though I have been the devil.
School? Could be a contributor I am sure.
Weight? I do think if I lost weight, the GP's wouldn't fit me anymore. Possibly a solution that would make me happier.
Stress? Definitely a contributor, but no quick solution.

And that is all I can really come up with.

Dear G.P.'s,

Please stop haunting me.


Dear Robbie ,

(I know you won't like that I am blogging this but...)You are the best for dealing with my G.P.'s in a nice way. I am sorry for throwing all my grumpiness at you when you don't deserve it. You are so understanding and patient with me. You are the BEST husband in the world. I love you very much, even if I have to watch basketball on TV.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010


My name is Robbie, Kelli's husband. I'm planning on also participating in our blog from time to time. In doing so I realize that the view on guys blogging is that...it's a bit gay or homo. Although in many ways this is true, however, I have a couple of good excuses for participating on this blog. 1. In the church we are commanded to keep a journal. This has always been hard for me, I can't write fast, I blame this cause when I was in second grade I learned cursive and then I stuck with that out of obedience and then by the time I realized (my senior year of highschool) that it was a slower, more primitive way to write, it was too late, I had become permantley a slow cursive writer. And then keeping journals on the computer in a word file or emails seems impersonal. So a blog is a perfect solution, I have a feeling that if my man Wilford W. would have lived in our day, he would have been a huge blogger, so he's a good example to follow. 2. Every month general authorities write to the ensign, submitting stories, pictures, and thoughts for the month. This is basically a blog post printed out onto a magazine. As I prepare myself to become one, I better start practicing my messages with a blog. Fake it till you make it. Basically, the real message they are sending every moneth is: people who make it to the Celestial Kingdom will be bloggers....joking...but, seriously. 3. My wife asked me too.
And there you have it, I'll blog.

Meet the Matthews

Hello dear friends and family we are Robbie and Kelli Matthews and we are the newest edition to the Matthews family! It was Robbie's idea to start a blog and I was a little hesitant because I've never thought of myself as a good writer. But as of lately, I have been addicted to reading other peoples blogs and I have decided that our blog is good enough if its only purpose is to keep track of all the things and thoughts that go on in mine and Robbie's new life together. So here we go...

Robbie and I met December 26, 2008 -on this blind date (which deserves its own post).

I moved to Rexburg, Idaho (one week later) on January 3rd, 2009 to start my college education and roomed with them:

We dated long distantly and fell in love. (One of Robbie's visits to Rexburg, and that picture of Christ was not put there on purpose...or was it?)

He surprisingly proposed on the Hill Cumorah July 19th, 2009.

We were married on October 23, 2009 Here:


Leave me alone

I just got out of my humanities class and I am boiling. My teacher has got some real issues. I am sorry for saying this, but I can't stand him! Humanities is not my favorite subject, but I don't hate it either. I like learning about the arts. But for some reason my teacher always makes me feel like I am an uneducated person because I don't make comments in class! The reason why I don't comment in class is because I am so afraid that if I state my opionion or ask a question he is going to make me wish I could sink into the ground and disappear! I have already seen it happen many times in our class. Someone will be in the middle of their sentence and he will very rudely interupt them. Usually he is interuppting them only to reword what they were about to say. ah! He is the worst. I hate people who make other people's faces turn red for no reason but to please their own ego. He goes off and off about how we need to comment in class, and that he is worried about the people who don't comment because we are in a helpful learning enviroment and how are we going to make it in life, if we don't have an opinions. WELL I DO HAVE OPINIONS ABOUT THE ARTS MR. PROFESSOR, BUT I PURPOSELY DON'T SAY THEM BECAUSE I AM SCARED OF YOU! SO LEAVE ME ALONE. Today was the icing on the cake.

maybe I will make a goal to comment in class next time.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Starting our Blog

Hello, Robbie and I are finally going to start a blog! I (Kelli) have recently discovered how fun it is to read other's blogs. I've been inspired to blog. Mostly just because I want a way to keep track of our life!